Bows and Basses


1. divers baroque bows:
a. a clip-in bow of snakewood patterned after the Salzburg "Biber" bows *

Euro 650.00

b. a clip-in bow of larchwood after Kunsth.Museum Vienna Inv.Nº.712

Euro 450.00

c. a clip-in of snakewood or other suitable wood in Italian or German style

Euro 700.00

d. a generic "baroque" bow of snakewood with screw-frog

Euro 750.00

e. a clip-in bow or larch or beech, either for cello, or bass

Euro 500.00

2. transitional and early 19th.c. bows

a. a transitional bow with battle axe head of either pernambuco or snakewood

Euro 800.00

other patterns or copies of extant bows as well as modern bows on request.


3. basses
a. 3, 4, or 5 string violone (not a contrabass gamba)

Euro 7000.00

b. a modern contrabass with flat back

Euro 6500.00


* vide Musiclogica Ant. 1977, pp.197...