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The standard stand is a "Flemish" or trestle stand of oak.

A balustre stand can be had for an additional Euro 2800.00

example balustre stand

A Louis seize stand for Euro 2000.00


Special requirements for case decoration and soundboard painting at extra cost and subject to the demands of the artist doing it.

A padded transport case can be made at extra cost, depending on the length of the instrument.



I request one third as a retainer, the remainder at delivery. For those instruments over Euro 15,000.00, I request a second installment of one third at the beginning of the work. By withdrawal, 10% of the retainer are forfeited; a withdrawal is not possible after the instrument has been commenced.




The prices are stated F.O.B. without German sales tax, national or local taxes must be in each case added. The prices are subject to change without notice.



Please feel free to contact me by email, snail mail, or telephone when you have any questions or would like to order an instrument.



Valid from November 1, 2020