Paul Poletti and I in Herne


Jean Tournay conversing with Michel de Maeyer



me, lecturing at the 2002 "Harmoniques" in Lausanne

"The Structure of the Classical Piano"

1989, lecture at Antwerpiano, 1989 in Antwerp

"Is Looking Seeing?"

Restoration report and analysis of the small Italian harpsichord Inv.N°.G7.817, Württ.Landesmuseum, Stuttgart 1989 FOMRHI Quarterly N°.63 1991

"The Walnut Revisited"

Analysis of measurements and proportions of the so-called French harpsichord Württ. Landesmuseum, Stuttgart, 1889 FOMRHI Quarterly N°.63 1991

"Ruckers Enigma"

1991 as lecture at Antwerpiano in Antwerp 1991; in
-Das Musik Instrument-,
Feb-März 1992,
German translation by Matthias Griewisch
-ebenda in English

"The Case of the Weak Case"

1993 as lecture at Antwerpiano in Antwerp 1993;
-Das Musikinstrument, Sept. 1993 in English
-Celesta, Jan.1994 in Flemisch translation:
"Wie niet sterk is moet slim zijn."
Trans: Herman Van de Moortel

"The Whole Truth"

1999 as lecture at Matiere et Musique in Cluny, 1999, published in 'The Cluny Encounter' by LABO 19 Antwerp in collaboration with Alamire Peer,

"Geometrical Methods in Stringed Keyboard Instrument Design and Construction"

"Why didn't Historical Makers Need Drawings?"

1999 as lecture at Matiere et Musique in Cluny, 1999, published by Almire in Antwerp,, and by the Galpin Society Journal, 2001/2002 in a much enlarged version.

Stephen Birkett and William Jurgenson

Further Thoughts on Authenticity

2003 in La Folia

"The Importance of the Tangentenflügel to the Development of the German Piano"

2002 as a lecture at harmoniques, Lausanne, and in the proceedings: "Instruments à claviers - expressivité er flexibilité sonore," 2004, Peter Lang, Bern

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"Aspectes de la Copie"

Jean Tournay

"Les Allemands D'Anvers"

Jean Tournay; this was accepted for publishing, but the publisher folded: that makes this a first edition

Portrait d'Albertus Delin

Jean Tournay; ditto; 1989

Notes & Propos sur le Clavichorde

Jean Tournay, 1996

Images du Clavichorde

Jean Tournay, 1999

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