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Contrary to popular opinion, I do use machines in my shop but I do very many things by hand because it is faster when you have learned how and have the proper tools.  Many jobs such as dovetailed joints really are more quickly done by hand. A possibl exception would be very wide joint that are repeated several time in the process of a job. For these and dovetail jig and hand router is quicker. The question here is,  does this occur often enough to warrant the expense of that tool?
The first thing I made when I started in this shop was a
Roubo-style workbench. Long but not very wide and th etop of equal thickness (was 100mm, is no after 45 years 90mm) with a bench stop to plane against. The front edge, legs and trestle stretcher must be flush.
 In my time as journeyman I had made a number of replica planes and other historic tools and peu a peu I added more planes and epscially chisels by Thomas Ibbotson, Sheffield which I consider the best made. My training as luthier also epanded my sight of tools and usage considerably.
Because there are so many misconceptions, I wrote short illustrated  essay about planes and planing.

A folder with several photos gives some idea.

I have a short article with poor photos about how I make jacks.